BinBotPro - Is It A Scam?

BinBotPro is a binary options robot which allows new and experienced traders alike to profit from binary options trading. No experience is required to get started and this system uses cutting edge algorithms which analyse and predict financial and asset data.

This detailed review will look into the particulars of this system and we can already say that this is indeed a reliable trading robot. It is simple to reach incredibly high profits just by using it with minimal knowledge of the binary options market.

BinBotPro Details

Robot Name BinBotPro
Support Options Email, Live Chat, Phone
Success Rate Upto 200%
Free Demo Open Free Demo Account
Deposit and Withdrawal Credit and Debit cards, Wire Transfer

BinBotPro – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

BinBotPro itself is a fairly new system to the binary options scene, but it has already proven itself to be reliable in making traders significant profits. It is clear that the owners have made sure that security and safety is paramount. The site is protected with SSL which guarantees you have a safe and secure encrypted connection to the site.

Another good indicator for this robot is the fact that the choice of broker is in your control. Rarely do scams allow you to do this, so this is further evidence that BinBotPro is indeed genuine. The choice of brokers is amongst some of the best in the industry.

Our Verdict: BinBotPro is NOT a scam


The Software

BinBotPro is free of charge and allows you to select from a choice of robots. This puts the power in your hands as each robot provides a different return rate, or risk level.

  • Gold Robots:
    • Neuron scanner v3.0 – Returns up to 200%
  • Silver Robots
    • Bullish Intervention – Returns up to 120%
    • Bolly Band Bounce – Returns up to 100%
  • Bronze Robots
    • Bladerunner – Returns up to 70%
    • Rising East v1.2 – Returns up to 65%
    • Strong US v2 – Returns up to 60%

As we can see from the return rates, you have a great choice of robots to use. It is certainly simple to get a decent return in a short amount of time by using a combination of different levels.

Support Options

Support is offered via live chat and email. It is available 24/7 so you can be sure that any questions you have will be answered promptly. This is a great sign of reassurance as having friendly support staff on hand is a great help to all traders.

Getting Started

Signing up with BinBotPro is a very simple process and, as with any decent binary options software, is free of charge. Even if you have no prior experience, you will find the whole process simple and easy from the start.

Step 1
Sign Up For FREE
After signing up, choose your broker – one of the great advantages of BinBotPro. All the brokers on offer are reputable.
Step 2
Add Funds
As with all trading systems, you will need some capital to start trading. The brokers that work with BinBotPro require a minimum of $250 to begin (you can also deposit with Euros (€) too). Naturally the more you invest, the better your return.
Step 3
Choose Your Robot
Depending on your end goal, you now have to choose your robot. Once chosen, it simply runs on autopilot!


BinBotPro is one of the top choices for automated binary options software. It provides you with a choice of different robots to use, but each one is simple and easy to use even though they are inherently powerful.

Depending on your return goals, you can see average returns of up to 200% which is phenomenal. The greatest part of all of this is that the system is totally automated, allowing you to sit back and watch the profit accumulate.

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